Hampshire Dragonflies
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Previous Blue-eyed (Southern Migrant) Hawker
(Aeshna affinis)

Behind Blue Eyes 

A medium-large (57 - 66mm), colourful migrant preferring well-vegetated shallow still waters which mostly dry out during summer.. A frequent visitor to the Thames basin in summer. As yet has been unproven as a breeding species, although mating pairs have been observed.

In my limited experience males congregate with little aggression in much the same way as Aeshna mixta. Often seen flying over a large area at head height or above, or patrolling and hovering a small section of pond among others.

They also perch for long periods on the tall reed stems, seemingly undisturbed by human presence. Indeed, the above specimen stayed around long enough for several photographers to grab their fill/

I've only noticed a couple of females flying through in much the same way as the male. Coupling has been observed as they enter the territories of the males.

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