Gently Does It…

Firstly a big hello to everyone and good luck for the new season. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

Now you might be thinking by writing a blog post I’ve just bagged my first Large Red, but you’d be wrong. Other than saying hello the purpose of this entry is to gently ease myself back into the coming season and clear out the many cobwebs from a long hibernation.

The important thing is to take it slowly. Don’t jump the gun and resist temptation just because the first Large Reds have been spotted. In case you haven’t heard there were seven observed with photographic evidence from a FB buddy of mine in Cornwall on the 25th March.

Cornwall are usually first due to their climate being at least a couple of weeks ahead of the rest of the us – even the south. Excepting garden pond emergences, which are usually premature due to their man-made micro-climate, these have been the only sightings as I write.

Yet in true premature fashion the headlines have read ‘We’re Off!’, driving us all outside only to be disappointed by the lack of sightings and lousy weather. Yes, we’ve had some crackingly mild days which under normal circumstances would yield results but it’s important to observe the bigger picture and look at the weather either side of the ‘hottest day of the year so far!’ sensationalism.

I know from past experience that to jump the gun  would result in disappointment and dampness. We need a prolonged period of high pressure and stable temperatures to kick-start the emergence properly.

That being said I’ve already made up my mind to have a few tentative forays soon to acclimatise, reacquaint with the environment, getting some exercise and teaching myself how to use the damn camera again!

Having found your first freshly-emerged Large Reds don’t forget they’ll be maturing away from water so your just as likely to find them holed up in meadows,woodland or even decorating the bushes halfway up a hill somewhere seemingly miles away from the nearest pond or stream.

I’m looking forward to seeing my first Large Red, but I’m looking more forward to the diversity provided by the Azure, the Blue-tailed, Red-eyed, Demoiselles and all the other Spring species.

Happy hunting everyone 🙂