A Moment To Cherish

Wednesday 9th May

There is no doubt it’s been a cracking month with barely a week offering up more variety than you can wish for. On Wednesday I had planned to go to Troublefield, but the weather looked better last minute at Bramshill.

Besides – I needed to photograph a Downy.

The new parking measures in place mean a longer walk in to my favourite spots, so it was time to find a few more. Heading east I searched out the direct path to the wooded pond – which has thankfully been cleared of scrub along the north bank.

It wasn’t long before I found my prize – three of them feeding within a small sunny clearing. One of them landed perfectly upon a low branch and I wasn’t ready. By the time I’d checked the settings he flew off.

No return or sign of the other two despite waiting 15 minutes so I carried on to the pond in search of more. Another two up & away before I decided to carry on to recce the other pond – one I’ve preciously failed to locate until last week.

Already up to my neck in gorse and mud I found another three along a wooded ride and another on my way back through. Waited again, and after a while decided if it was meant to happen it’ll happen when it needs to.

Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans) - male
Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans) – male

I took a stroll to the center ponds and grabbed a couple of Blue-tailed before carrying on down the narrow track seeing another half-dozen Downy, not one relaxing

Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans) - female (violacea)
Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans) – female (violacea)

On to the usual spots and everything appeared as it should – Four-spotted more numerous than the weekend and a smattering of Common Blue, Large Red and Red-eyed, but still a little subdued.

At my favourite pond the sight of rising teneral Four-spotted and even one male patrolling the pond announced Summer and over in the far corner I spotted what I thought was another perched on the reeds, until I took a closer look.

Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) - teneral male
Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) – teneral male

Not one, but two Downy – one still emerging and way out of reach and one just released from the exuvia, crawling up the sedge, wings still folded and getting ready to enter our world.

Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) - teneral male
Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) – teneral male

I couldn’t have wished for a better encounter. I wanted a Downy and, although I had to wait, I was rewarded with a better than expected opportunity.

Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) - teneral male
Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) – teneral male

Only downer (sic) was the location; low down in the sedge in the shadows with sun-spots seeking through when the sun shined and the only possible composition meant kneeling in water, which sort-of negates the wellie protection!

Afterwards the cloud rolled in making it even more of a challenge, but this was my moment to cherish as I watched him open his wings, vibrate and warm up and finally take his maiden flight.

This is what it’s all about. Perfect!

I had a plan to walk back up to the wooded pond but frankly I had my moment, my opportunity, my prize.