Even Dragonflies Need Shade

Hot, humid, and the type of weather our European cousins to the south are used to, so why do we worry & panic? Maybe we’re a little too primitive. Haven’t adapted. Or maybe we’re so far advanced we expect it just so. There’s some old bugger who’ll complain. It’s the British way.

Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens) - teneral female
Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens) – teneral female

From the late start to not being able to keep up with (comparatively) early emergencies it’s been a fabulous year for dragonflies. A headlong rush to all get out and enjoy the sunshine while it’s here.

Emperor (Anax imperator) - male
Emperor (Anax imperator) – male

I’m enjoying myself as much as I did when I started. I’m able to go out and indulge without the annoyances and distractions of recent years. Time to reacquaint myself with some local favourites without wasting time travelling.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii) - male
Golden-ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii) – male

Time best spent in one place; almost rooted to the spot, allowing the action to come to me instead of chasing after something which probably won’t arise, wearing myself out in the process.

Brown Hawker (Aeshna grandis) - female
Brown Hawker (Aeshna grandis) – female

The irony is all the photos featured here were taken while chasing around like a fool instead of heading my own advice! However I needed those unnecessary and mostly fruitless days to reprogram and settle down a little.

Emperor (Anax imperator) - female
Emperor (Anax imperator) – female

These balmy days of summer are perfect for just sitting back and taking it all in, even choosing to stay home and grab some shade instead of burning out too soon.

Live fast die young appears to be normal as far as some insects are concerned; the Silver-studded Blues are showing signs of fatigue after a few weeks of wearing and tearing. So too are the Chasers and Skimmers. They might be able to live another day if they weren’t so damn hasty.

Except the Keeled of course. They’re doing just fine. Still emerging, still feisty. From delicate teneral demoiselles to the mighty Emperor, the sensible species take a little time out from the heat.

Even dragonflies need shade.