Out Of My Comfort Zone

After a blissful day sailing around Poole Harbour on Tuesday I was raring to go again on Wednesday, but fate decided as I’d had such a fine day previously I needed a little stress to reset the balance.

The chance to venture further afield decided my options and I headed for Esher Common. The long, boring slog up the M3 at far too quick a pace after being used to 40 mph maximums down delightful country lanes rattled me somewhat, and the lack of action at Black Pond further blackened my mood.

Don’t get me wrong, there were several Four-spotted Chasers and Black-tailed Skimmers providing a show, and a couple of fly-bys from a Downy Emerald. An male Emperor circumnavigated the small island and a female flew in the oviposit. No Brilliants, but in all honesty the weather had taken a turn with increasing cloud cover and a relentless wind!

I couldn’t believe the sun had disappeared!

I decided to circumnavigate the pond and search the heaths, which did at least provide a pair of Black-tailed Skimmers in cop.

Black-tailed Skimmers - pair in cop
Black-tailed Skimmers – pair in cop

One more session at the corner before jacking it in and moving on to Thursley Common. At least I felt more comfortable there. Unfortunately the cloud persisted and the Moat Pond had only one Downy patrolling. Oh, and a Grass Snake swimming from one shore to another.

Of more interest was the boggy corner, where several damsels were holed up against the cooling breeze., including this immature male White-legged.

White-legged Damselfly - immature male
White-legged Damselfly – immature male

A walk around the heath threw up several Emerald Damselflies and my first Black Darters of the year.

Black Darter - teneral female
Black Darter – teneral female

Consolation at least for what turned out to be a disappointing day.