Dragonflies bring me joy for up to 6 months of the year, although if I actually counted the days they’d add up to a lot less. By now we’re normally up and running, but this past winter is refusing to go quietly. After giving it a week I could hold on no longer and had to check, but everywhere still looks bleak, barren and lacking.

During the spring and summer I punctuate the quieter moments with Butterflies, of which there has been scattered sightings of our hibernating species, and by now I’m normally balancing the two.

Or am I?

Looking back on last season’s photos and blog entries I realise that the false spring brought a few welcome treasures during April before the deluge set in and put pay to further development until the first week in May. Maybe then I, and many other humans who are frustrated with what has been a long winter, just might be jumping the gun a little?

Nature knows when the time is right…which, after today, I’m beginning to understand it’s not just about heat and sunshine, but about food, shelter and the continuation of the species.

Us mere humans just need to be a little more patient….