The Waiting Game

The sighting of Large Reds at Studland on the 20th April almost seems like a lucky strike if it wasn’t for a few other scattered sighting around the Country. At least Hampshire has scored with a sighting at Fishlake Meadows. Where there is one there are usually others, although difficult to pin down if not in reasonable numbers.

One of the four I spotted on that day was a male with almost fully developed adult colours. The other three were reasonably fresh. How many more were there beyond reach?

Sad to say that a couple of trips the week following taking in a few potential locations in the New Forest came up blank. If they were around then they should’ve been seen.

Today (April 29th) I scouted a total of six locations in the New Forest for signs and did strike lucky with a single teneral Large Red at Rushbush Pond (Ipley Cross). However there still wasn’t any sign at Hatchet, Crockford, Pennington, Blashford or Broomy.

For those contemplating a trip to the New Forest, I wouldn’t come just yet. The ground is still far too saturated and vegetation is minimal.

On the subject of saturation, one of the locations we visited last week was Troublefield…a name which has been all too real the past two seasons. The flooding last summer basically killed the season, and conditions right now are still treacherous. There are still large areas of flooding and if I can’t make it through with my tenacity and appropriate footwear I doubt anyone else can.

Even the resident cows were conspicuous by their absence. Or they’d sank…

Hopefully the next post will contain some better news and photos, but for now we still wait…