Hampshire Dragonflies
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Previous Green-eyed (Norfolk) Hawker
(Aeshna isosceles)

Green-eyed Hawker (Aeshna isosceles)
A large, (63mm) hawker similar to the Brown Hawker but with clear wings and stunning green eyes. Currently found in low-lying grazing meadows. fens & ditches in East Anglia although it is increasing it's range, with new colonies significantly appearing in East Kent.

Males patrol a small territory along ditches or close to shore along river banks, frequently perching on reeds. Several males can patrol the same section, although they will adhere to their own path, driving off other males non-aggressively.

Like most dragonflies females only visit water to mate or oviposit and are frequently seen hawking clearings at height in search of food. One of my first encounters with a female revealed a curiosity normally seen in the Southern Hawker, where the individual continually circled me before landing on my bottom lip!

I first witnessed pairings in 2015 and was pleasantly surprised to observe they rarely flew out of reach, preferring to choose a nearby suitable perch where they would remain unless disturbed.


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