Hampshire Dragonflies
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Grid Reference SZ 03015 98898
Town Common

Canford Magna is beautifully situated close to Wimborne Minster along the banks of the beautiful River Stour and is a prime spot for the stunning displays of Banded Demoiselles and the perfect location for large populations of White-legged Damselflies. You should also encounter Brown Hawkers.

Cross the footbridge from the school and turn left or right, following the bank where you should encounter large numbers of Banded Demoiselle. Check the long grasses along the bank and the other side of the path for roosting White-legged Damselflies.

Scarce Chasers, Brown Hawkers and other species tend to perch in the boundary hedges and the undergrowth upstream on the same side as the school.

Key Species
Southern Hawker Brown Hawker Black-tailed Skimmers Scarce Chaser
Banded Demoiselle Azure Damselfly Red-eyed Damselfly White-legged Damselfly
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