Hampshire Dragonflies
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I've not explored Oxfordshire to any extent, mainly because most recorded species can either be found closer to home. That said, Oxfordshire gave me my first glimpse of the nationally rare Common Club-tail by the annual emergence along the River Thames at Goring and deserves a mention.

The Thames legacy of being our most well-known rivers comes with years of territorial claims leading to most the shore being privately owned. Goring offers a chance to follow its banks for a short while and marvel at the flora and fauna such a river can provide.

The presence of a passing mainline railway route cannot disturb nature, proof of which is the annual emergence of Common Club-tail from the concrete banks of the railway support. Why they would choose such a site to emerge is a fascination, but further observation will reveal that they choose any safe and substantial location along the river bank, be it concrete. a wooden jetty or the more natural bank-side foliage.


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