Hampshire Dragonflies
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Grid Reference SU 46008 01988
Blashford Lakes
Badminston Common is a reasonably large recreation area near Fawley bordered by private gravel works and fishing lakes. Combined with a wooded stream and sheltered path margins the site provides a great diversity of species roosting and feeding among the heather and gorse. Even the semi-wasteland of old workings throw up some interesting delights such as Ruddy Darter and migrant Red-veined Darters.

High populations of hawkers are usually present with swarms of 50+ Migrant Hawkers a regular occurence, although recently their prime breeding area has been vivtim to the constantly changing topography of the gravel pits themselves.

As of 2015 the south section of the gravel workings are being prepared as a nature reserve, with the large lake given over to fishing. At present this area is still considered private and the lake is likely to remain so. As for the proposed nature reserve, I will publish more details as they become available.

Update 2016

The main lake is now fully under the ownership of the local fishing club, which means you are unlikely to gain access without prior permission. The rest of the site is still apparently undecided. Supposedly a prospective nature reseve has now seen evidence of further workings with signs to deter the general public. This has always been an ethereal site which up to now has provided some of the unexpected Hampshire species, and hope we don't lose this valuable coastal location.

Park Here
and walk south-west through the gate for the common or across the stile to the left of the garage to walk between the gravel pits.
Key Species
Southern Hawker Migrant Hawker Emperor Hairy Dragonfly Downy Emerald
Red-veined Darter Ruddy Darter Common Darter Broad-bodied Chaser Four-spotted Chaser
Black-tailed Skimmer Keeled Skimmer Golden-ringed Dragonfly Common Blue Red-eyed
Small Red-eyed Blue-tailed Large Red Scarce Blue-tailed Azure
Index Blashford Lakes

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