Hampshire Dragonflies
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Ober Water Slufters Pond
Grid Reference SU 22242 09555


I must advise against parking roadside to access this pond. Be sensible and park at Milkham Enclosure

Slufters is a relatively large pond with seepages to the north where the heather is usually populated with good numbers of Black Darters and Emerald Damselflies. For many years I was not a great fan of this pond, as every time I visited I was buffeted by strong winds and all species present can be viewed elsewhere in the forest. However in recent years it's proved to be worth a visit even though the resident species can be more easily observed elsewhere.

The main pond isn't that fruitious as most activity is offshore near the island. The smaller pond at the head of the seepage is of far more interest for bog-loving species. Even the locally-rare Moorland Hawker pops in occasionally. Just choose a calm day.
Key Species
Southern Hawker Common Hawker Migrant Hawker Emperor Moorland Hawker
Black Darter Common Darter Broad-bodied Chaser Four-spotted Chaser Black-tailed Skimmer
Keeled Skimmer Downy Emerald Common Blue Red-eyed Blue-tailed
Large Red Azure Common Emerald
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