Hampshire Dragonflies
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Previous Small Red Damselfly
(Ceriagrion tenellum)
Return Of The Mac(ro)

One of our smallest (31mm) damselflies and one of only two red damselflies found in Britain. Preferring shallow pools, seepages and streams in heathland bog.

Males have a weak, hovering flight and are more often found low in the surrounding vegetation.

Females also seek shelter in the undergrowth where the majority of mating takes place before flying in tandem to the water's edge to oviposit.

Often found with Southern Damselfies in the New Forest where streams cut through heathland bog where they appear to have a preference for Bog Myrtle. At other heathland locations they usually occur with Common Emerald and Black Darter, showing a preference for long grasses.


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New Forest
Broomy Pond Crockford Stream Cadnam Common Linford Bottom Ipley Cross
Keyhaven Latchmore Brook Burley Heath Ober Water Crockford Stream

Mordon Bog Christchurch Common Ramsdown Forest

Thursley Common

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