Hampshire Dragonflies
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Thundry Meadows Thursley Common
Grid Reference SU 89937 41539

An outstanding site for dragonflies. A few metres from the car park is a large pond called The Moat. This is an excellent spot for patrolling Downy Emeralds and if you're lucky you may catch a glimpse of the rare Brilliant Emerald.

To the east is a large area of heath containing extensive boggy pools which can easily be negotiated by a good walkway. Each pool has something to offer and the surrounding heather is good for Black Darters and Emerald Damselflies. Thurley Common was once the site of the southern-most population of the White-faced Darter, but due to habitat destruction and regular heath fires it is believed this poulation is now extinct.

White-legged Damselflies can also be found within the heath and for reptile lovers the walkways provide handy dry basking spots for probably the largest congregation of Common Lizards I have seen in one place.
Key Species
Southern Hawker Brown Hawker Common Hawker Migrant Hawker Emperor
Golden-ringed Dragonfly Brilliant Emerald Downy Emerald Black Darter Common Darters
Broad-bodied Chasers Four-spotted Chasers Black-tailed Skimmers Keeled Skimmer Banded Demoiselle
Small Red Damselfly Azure Damselfly Common Blue Damselfly Red-eyed Damselfly Blue-tailed Damselfly
Large Red Damselfly Emerald Damselfly White-legged Damselfly
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