Hampshire Dragonflies
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Esher Common Papercourt Lock
Grid Reference TQ 03201 56575
Thundry Meadows

Papercourt lock lies along a stretch of the Wey Navigation canal. The whole stretch from Newark New Bridge to Cartbridge is worth exploration, including the meadow which leads to the River Wey proper. If you need an incentive then the combination of Brilliant Emeralds and Brown Hawkers with a pub at each end of the walk should provide ample. Other highlights include the fabulous displays of Banded Demoiselles and a good population of White-legged Damselflies.
Key Species
Southern Hawker Brown Hawker Migrant Hawker Emperor Brilliant Emerald
Downy Emerald Common Darters Broad-bodied Chasers Four-spotted Chasers Black-tailed Skimmers
Banded Demoiselle Common Blue Damselfly Blue-tailed Damselfly Large Red Damselfly White-legged Damselfly

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