Server Problems

Many apologies for the site being down this past week. Not my fault, and totally out of my control.

My hosting server suffered a major hardware failure at the beginning of last week resulting in thousands of websites – including two of mine – seemingly disappearing overnight. I usually wait a few hours on such occasions because it’s usually temporary, but on this occasion the outage lasted more than a week.

Such was the disaster that even those who paid for a back-up plan were in the same boat as the rest of us, meaning they too had to wait for the data to be recovered or re-upload from a personal back-up. Sort of defeats the purpose don’t you think? Certainly makes me think twice about relying on the cloud for important back-ups!

I was offered the option to re-upload my entire site from a personal back-up to a new server, which would’ve meant changes in passwords, log-ins and other disruptive protocols; so as it was out of season I decided to wait for the experts to do their thing. Had it happened in the height of the season I might’ve taken a different route.

Anyway, all fixed now, so just time to wish you a happy and fruitful new year and roll on summer!