Gallery Updates

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous 2013 Dragonfly season is almost upon us with the first Large Red Damselflies usually appearing during April (weather permitting).

During last years downtime I updated all the photo galleries to flash galleries, giving a cleaner look and lessening the work flow from my point of view. However with increasing numbers of people using mobile platforms to access the web and Apple products unable to access flash, I’ve decided to redo the galleries using a html format.

The template I have chosen also allows more information to be included, with an overview given for each species gallery and further details provided with individual photographs.

Where possible I have chosen the photographs to illustrate the sex and age differences along with behaviour examples including mating, ovipositing, feeding and in-flight.

I’ve also tweaked the species pages to include some basic information and suggested locations.

The galleries can be accessed by clicking on the links to the the right or by navigation through the main website. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for your update, brilliant photos. I only started photographing dragonflies last summer and the season was over all too soon. I am waiting very impatiently for the new season to start and am very jealous of your area. I’m in the Esher, Surrey area and the variety is not as great. I think I’ve got to try and travel a little further than Thursley!

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